Yogi Patel

Global Photography


About me:
Yogi Patel of Global Photography is a recipient of 4 Prestigious Kodak Gallery Awards, 2 Fuji Film Masterpiece Awards, 10 times Top Ten Photographers in California Award and over 120 Print and Wedding album awards from PPA, PPC and CIPPA. His work has been published in many National and International magazines. Yogi Patel is the First and only Indian Photographer in the USA to receive all mentioned awards along with his Two Master of photography degrees, Photographic Craftsmen, Fellowship, Business & Arts and Certified Professional Photographer’s degree. He wants to be known for his photographic art, his unique style, and his fun-loving personality. He loves what he does and has been doing it for the past 30 years. His dream shoot one day is to photograph a wedding in Bora Bora. Yogi loves to capture memorable moments of your events. He could be reached at his Los Angeles California office for your next project or wedding events.


  • 4 Kodak Gallery Awards
  • 4 FujiFilm MasterPiece Awards
  • World Elite Awards
  • Nominated for PPA Grand Imagaing award for 2019
  • 10 time Top Ten Photographers of California Award
  • California Wedding Photographer of the Year Award 2019
  • Over 150 print and merit awards


7020 Hogan St
United States