You will identify member Wep at workplace:


World Elite Photographers issues each member a certificate, which they can display in their studio, website, or social media. It is sent to the email provided upon membership.


Membership card:

World Elite Photographers also issues a membership card with the details and a photograph of its members. The card may be used to acknowledge membership and is renewed annually. Please send us a passport size photograph so that we can send you the card to your postal address.


Our Awards :


World Elite Photographers awards a silver badge for each winning photograph. Photographers with more than one winning entries are awarded a gold badge.These badges will be sent to the postal address provided and they are testament to a high standard of professionalism.


Winner´s Diplomas:

 Each winner is awarded a Diploma where their details and the winning photo are shown. The diploma is testament to the professional quality and high standard achieved and may displayed in the member’s studio, website, or social media. Diplomas will be sent by email.