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“Writing about photography and photographers is always difficult. Very often, images and their medium function between reality and the photographer’s world are enough to explain such a reality. Writing about photography means finding words that capture the same unique meaning.

First, writing about Thomas means looking carefully at his frames, digging into the shadows and the lights of his black and white shots to search for gradations of grey, lens aperture choice, colors prevailing on conversions. After reviewing these clues, the search for his way of seeing and feeling leads to a curious eye, which struggles between bursts and silences. His contrasts are often sharp: marks must carve rather than smear; blacks and whites are highly tactile, almost three-dimensional but, at the same time, they can become ethereal and light. He always pays continuous attention to his elements: his pictures are made of air, water, sky or earth, depending on proximity. Each time before the shot, he takes a deep “breath of world” becoming part of that moment.

Thus, he cares about the lives he portrays: he wants to know their stories, to understand those souls he will follow the day of their marriage, being their eye and their heart.

Thomas is a sensitive and generous person, peacefully suspended between the maturity of a father and cheerfulness of a child. Watching him while taking pictures it is easy to recognize a spontaneous impetus, a complete involvement, confirming the fact that he puts passion into his work. It is his favorite language: the eternal smiling child of Pascoli still lives in him.

This is what he does: listening, observing, feeling, understanding, perceiving and giving to everything a necessarily unique shape, as filtered by his personality, made up of experiences, readings, music, teachers lessons, passion, and faith. What may appear to many people as a beam of white light, in his vision breaks down into a kaleidoscope of iridescence: a moment becomes a sequence, a sensitive spectrum of instants. Therefore, the impressed images are the result of the choices and the expert use of “taps” to dose the single components that constitute them.

Talking to him is always an opportunity for growth and fruitful exchange. A sincere humility and the awareness of being the interpreter of some of the possible visions make him stand out from the crowd. For this reason, he likes to confront in the round – though being faithful to his line – and is convinced that you can always learn something from everybody.”



Via San Clemente, 2