-How can I become a member of World Elite Photographers (WEP)?

-Membership is exclusively acquired by invitation (WEP) or recommendation by an existing member.

– If you are interested in becoming a member but have not been invited, send us your personal details (ie: name, email, website, social networks, etc…). Our team will then contact you in order to consider your application.

-If you have received an invitation from WEP, it is due to the fact that you have already been pre-approved by our team, who has previously assessed your work which they have seen online. Therefore you need only click on the links included in the message in order to confirm your membership.

– If you have been recommended by one of our existing members, we will contact you shortly.

-Do I have to pay?

-Being invited means that your membership is pre-approved due to fact that your work  meets our criteria. This does not, however, mean that membership is free. Membership fees maintain our infrastructure.

– Only founding members and those who attain the title of Master Photographers, are exempt from fees.

– I have paid my fees but have not received any further information. What should I do?

 When you pay the fees, we send you a message with the procedure to follow. If you do not proceed immediately, you should save the link so that you may do it later. If you do not do so, send a message to ….. and we will provide assistance.

 Perhaps you paid using a PayPal account under a different email address. Send proof of payment to …….

-Unable to login to my account. (members)

This is usually due to an incorrect user name or password. Send an email to ….. for assistance.  

-Unable to login to my account. (non-members)

Unless you are a member and your fees are up-to-date, you may not create or modify an account in any way.

-Can I change my password?

You may change your password as many times as you wish. Access your private profile information in order to do so.


-Why do I have to have a private and a public profile?

-Your private profile is essential to our internal use in order to send you updates, awards, ID cards, etc…. These details will not be published on the website and they do not need to be identical to the public profile.

-Your public profile is the information displayed on the website.

-Why do I have to fill in my address on the public and also on the private profile?

 These may be different addresses, there are cases where photographers prefer to publish their professional address on their public profile but prefer to receive information or awards at a different address.

-How can I make changes my profile pictures or change my personal information?

Log in to your account and make the changes you wish from your member interface. Please bear in mind that changes will need to be approved by the WEP moderators before they are visible online.

-I have paid my fees. Why can’t I update my personal details or upload my photographs to the website?

You must first fill in the information on your private profile before uploading anything to the website.

-How can I upload my photographs for the next competition?

-Log in to your account and you will find an upload link on the AWARDS menu.  This link is available even if a new competition has not yet been announced.

– I can’t upload photos to my profile or competition on the website.

This is usually because the images are of an inappropriate size. See required resolution here….

-My photos have not been accepted on the website. Why?

 This may be due to an inadequate resolution, file size, watermarks or inappropriate content.

-Why can’t I include my logo on the photos?

  Our website has a uniform design which would not be possible if every member included their own logo.

-I want to include a promotional video on my profile. How can I do it?

 You need to be a GOLD member or pay the fees specified in….

-How can I be the Best Photographer of the Year?

WEP holds annual awards for the Best Photographer of the Year, taking into account the active participation in the website, awards, and track record of all its members.

-Can I be a judge for the WEP Awards?

Yes. Once you have reached the level of Master Photographer..


-What happens when I become a member?

You will receive a certificate which you may display in your studio, social networks etc. You will also receive a membership ID card and gain access to the website, where you will be able to upload information and photos to your profile.

-Can I take part in WEP competitions?

You certainly can. As soon as you become a member you may enter all our competitions.

– What is the prize for a winning competition entry?

You will receive a Diploma and a Silver Badge if one of your photos is a winning entry. If more than one is a winner, you will receive a Gold Badge.  Your award will also be announced on social media and the WEP Website.

-What are merit points?

These are awarded as a result of active participation on the website, winning competitions, and renewing annual membership. As they accumulate, you will be promoted to higher categories. (Distinguished Photographer, Master Photographer, etc…)


– How can I pay my membership fees?

You may pay through PayPal, Credit/Debit Card, or a bank transfer (Please contact us for the account number).

-How can I renew my membership?

Renewal is automatic if you have paid through PayPal. If you have cancelled renewal, send us an email and we will provide a link. WEP will usually send a reminder of the upcoming renewal of your membership.

What if I don’t pay my renewal fees?

If your membership expires, you will lose all your privileges such as reduced renewal fees, acquired merit points, public profile and also the right to exhibit WEP logos or badges in your studio.

-Are there any additional costs?

No. The only cost is the yearly renewal fee, which will depend on your subscription plan. Renewal via PayPal is automatic, unless you decide to cancel it.

-Do I have to pay to enter competitions?

No. It is free of charge and the number of entries you may submit will depend on your membership plan. (ie: Bronze, Silver, or Gold)

-Can I submit more entries to a competition than my membership plan allows me to?

You certainly may. At a cost of 3€ per entry. See this link.

-There are more photographers at my studio. Can they also be WEP members?

Certainly. If they work at your studio and they meet the WEP criteria. They will have a 50% discount on their fees. (Bronze, Silver, or Gold)



– Will I get contracts for weddings through the internet?

This is not the aim of WEP. However, clients who look for the world’s best photographers, find them on WEP.

-I’ve been a member for a while. Why haven’t I received any information?

-We send information frequently. If you are not receiving our emails, you may have accidentally marked us as SPAM, or you have not provided us with a correct or updated email address.