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About me:
A French self-taught photographer, David was born in the south of France. Growing up, his diverse background provided an ideal environment where artistic sense, open-mindedness and multiculturalism were omnipresent.

Through both his grandfather who was a Painter and his mother who attended the Beaux-Arts school, David realized the true impact a simple image can have on a person.

Through his love for both travelling the globe and photography, David is today a confirmed wedding photographer both in France and abroad. Through his images, he tells a story aimed at showing true emotions, cultural diversity and the natural beauty of landscapes all of which emanate from the Ceremonies he captures.

David is a Manfrotto ambassador, speaker for Nikon France and was elected one of the 10 best French wedding photographers by the French press and 41st world rank. This year he has won 12 international wedding photography awards.



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