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What does Wep offer its members?

Do you think you could be a WEP photographer?

New members must either be recommended by an existing member or submit their work to be reviewed and approved by the WEP team. We will analyse the submissions taking into account the strict criteria of technical quality, originality, and professionalism. Fees paid will be refunded If the WEP team decides that an application is not suitable.

Sign up by sending an email including your personal details, business name, and website to If deemed necessary, the WEP team may request more photographs in order to assess the applicant.

Do you know someone who could be a WEP?

Send an email to telling us their name, email and website. They will be assessed and sent an invitation on your behalf.

What can WEP offer its members?

-A membership card and a personal certificate, which may be displayed in their studios in order to strengthen their professional image.

-A platform where the world’s best photographers can share their work and provide networking details. (Web, email, Facebook, etc.).

-The chance to enter in WEP competitions, which highlight the work of the world’s best photographers.