World Elite Photographers (WEP) is a project created by professional photographers.

Our mission:

Our aim is to seek excellence in professional photography around the world, acknowledging high standard and take into account the artistic, technical and emotive aspects of the works produced by professionals.

How we do it:

After viewing the works of thousands of photographers from around the world on the internet, we select the most outstanding, and invite them to form part of WEP.

Membership is restricted to professionals who have either been invited or have had their work assessed by the WEP team.

Only a limited number of photographers will be selected in each region, since we aim to offer our members the opportunity to be exclusive.

Other criteria that we consider are originality, technique, emotive aspects, and awards or merits from other organisations.

Since every country and culture have different economic circumstances, and cannot be measured on the same scale, the photographers’ fees are not taken into account. This means that our assessment is purely objective.

Members are issued a certificate which they can display in their studios, websites, or social networks,. Their customers will then be able to appreciate that their photographer is member of a distinguished, international organisation.

Several times a year, and exclusively to members, WEP will hold contests where awards are given to the most outstanding professionals.

Our project is ambitious and it grows in proportion to our membership base.

 If you are interested in joining WEP click here.

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